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the world is incredible. there are girls in this world, and there are also dogs. you can put melted cheese on any type of potato.  sometimes flowers grow even when nobody is there to water them. right now on this same planet where we live there are people who are in love with each other kissing each other on the nose. emotions and colours are both things that exist. everything is so great

i needed this, thank you.

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“And it has been
one hell
of a year.
I have worn
the seasons
under my sleeves,
on my thighs,
running down my cheeks.
This is what
looks like, my dear.”
Michelle K., It Has Been One Hell of a Year.  (via coyotegold)

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“Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how much sleep or how much coffee I drink or how long I lie down, something inside me seems to have given up. My soul is tired.”
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“I broke my own heart loving you.”

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Holy shit our lungs are crazy

I don’t know whether to be disgusted or amazed…


According to military training, you can blow into the esophagus and inflate cow lungs and use them as a flotation device. I have no idea why you be in a situation where you come across a dead cow right when you need to cross a large body of water, but hey, the more you know.

I’m afraid to breathe

is no one gonna address the lovely doily thing under the lungs. It belongs at sunday brunch with your grandmother not under her lungs. 

Hey, doctors might like doily things too.

Reblogging now for the comments.

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if i ever have kids instead of being like “it’s a boy” im going to send out highly bewildering cards that say things like “it’s the chosen one” and “it’s probably not a lizard” and “we’re not sure what it is, but it just set the couch on fire, please send help” with a different thing to every person i send one to just to see what people show up at the baby shower with

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#that’s not a cat that’s a fucking nature spirit using a cat as a vessel


#that’s not a cat that’s a fucking nature spirit using a cat as a vessel

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